RV Scott Haselton

RV Scott Haselton is the moniker for the Werkshop’s lab while stationed in Chicago. Namesake Scott Haselton was a noted printer and self taught cactus researcher. Historically, the RV designation is reserved for nautical research vessels, but here also connotes the duty of Recreational Vehicle.


The Lamp Show

The show that lights itself💡 Saturday, February 16, 2019 - - - 7PM. ✨

Jenna Boyles
Fran E. Gallagher
Logan Kruidenier
Elise Parisian
Brad Rohloff
Patrick Willi


Couch Surfers

COUCH SURFERS - an alternative to SOFA Chicago.

Saturday, Nov 3, 2018.

Annie Darlin
Samantha Hunerlach
Kamran Mehmandoost
Joseph Ovalle
Derek Patterson
Vincent Stemmler

Game Party

Saturday, Sept 1, 2018

✨Game Party✨, an interactive video game installation and game play-through by Logan Kruidenier, structured around the preparation and activation of Logan's Game, a hybrid experience that takes place in both the physical and virtual realm.

The night began with drinks and refreshments, then moved toward the first step of the game, that of mask creation. Various masks were provided - including blank masks, fit for customization - however, attendees were encouraged to either bring their own home-made mask, and/or material to conceive a mask before the game began. Only DIY masks were allowed. Participants then continued on to the actual activation of the game.

Cactus House Doodle Jam

Friday, Feb 2, 2017

In collaboration with Logan Kruidinier: the first event aboard RV Scott Haselton, a prompt driven drink and draw.